What Crisis?

Perhaps you’ve been living under a rock, or too engrossed in the NOTW phone hacking saga, or the US debt ceiling crisis, or the EU bailout, to notice that right now, there is a dreadful famine going on in Africa.

“The drought in the Horn of Africa is affecting over 10 million people from across Somalia, Kenya and Ethiopia. A deadly combination of successive failed rains and rising food prices has resulted in the worst drought the region has seen for 60 years.” (Islamic Relief)

“More than nine million people in East Africa are facing a devastating lack of food and water. Families have faced persistent drought for many years – but the situation is now critical. 2011 has been the driest year for 50 years.” (World Vision)

“Drought and displacement combined with rising food prices has left the east and the horn of Africa, especially Kenya, Ethiopia and Somalia, in need of urgent humanitarian support.

UNOCHA reports that the situation is the worst food security crisis in the world today and some parts of the region are experiencing the driest conditions in 60 years.” (Christian Aid)

So there you have it. That crisis. Donate now to do something about it. And join in the movement of spending double as we seek to reduce our lifestyles in simple ways that help others see an improvement in theirs.


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