About Me

My name is Ben, I’m 23, British and I live in Bristol on a suburban council estate. I’ve been living here for just over a year. Prior to that I was a full time volunteer at my church in Clifton, and before that I studied Computer Science at the University of Bristol achieving a 2:1 honours.

I’m nothing spectacular. Sure, I believe I’m special/unique/whatever – made and bred in the image of God (I hope). But I strive to make a difference with my life because God made a difference in mine. It’s why I don’t live in a nice flat in clifton. It’s why I try to buy Fair Trade whenever I can. It’s why I want to be less materialistic and it’s why I want to shout out loudly for the causes of the oppressed and the needy.

I hope you won’t hold my ‘religion’ against me. Whatever you think of it, I hope you will agree with me that as a culture, our society consumes way too much (If the whole world behaved like the west, we’d need 4.1 earths just to sustain it!) and is far too ignorant of those in need. So let’s all work together, opinions aside, to help those people and to sort our own lifestyles out.

Are you with me?

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