Spending Double Returns for Lent!

So I didn’t do very well in my experiment. I caved in. I wanted stuff. I had a bad day. Probably. I don’t actually remember why this failed or fizzled out, but it did. But I have decided to resurrect the experiment for lent with the following rules:

I must pay a 100% ‘disposable income tax’ on all of my expenditure throughout Lent, excluding:

  • Rent and bills (but including any excess)
  • Fair trade or organic products

That means every time I go to Tesco to buy my lunch it will cost me £5 instead of £2.50. Every beer I drink will cost me £7 instead of £3.50. It’s not going to be easy, but I think it will be worth it.

Why do it?

I think we are too materialistic as a culture. I know I am. I also don’t appreciate the value of what I have or know what it really feels like to find something ‘expensive’. Beer costing me £3.50 seems OK, but for it to cost £7? That’s a lot of money. I hope that in doing this experiment I will loosen the chains of consumerism around me and deepen my relationship with God.

Where will the money go?

I have decided that any money raised by my lenten experiment will be given 50/50 to Christian Aid and Myeloma UK. The former is because they do so much great work all over the country, and the latter because since my father’s diagnosis I have become increasingly aware of the need for more and better cancer research.