The easy life vs. the hard one

So I’ve gone through my second full week of my self imposed 100% tax. And it hasn’t been too bad. I’ve racked up a few quid I owe here and there down to the odd day forgetting to make lunch or what have you, but I’ve actually noticed my spending go down on things that I don’t need. Instead of going to the chippy late at night, I’ll make myself a sandwich. Instead of buying a new bass guitar, I’ll get out my old one and play that a bit more instead.

This experiment has made me really grateful for what I have. I am learning to rediscover the things I already own instead of needing to constantly acquire new things. But even if I had none of those, I still have a roof over my head, running water, health and security. These are things that those suffering in East Africa simply do not have much, if any of at the moment.

In a weeks time I will be posting a summary of the costs my experiment has run up for me, and giving the money to the people I have pledged it to. I really hope that some of you will be prepared to give, too. Our fellow human beings – people with real lives enduring real suffering – need it.

Click here to donate.

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