A Week In Review

So last Thursday I started my experiment. The first review follows a fairly short week, but somehow Mondays feel the right day for them.

I’ve found that keeping an eye on the use of my disposable income has definitely helped me to curb my spending – but mostly on the little things: chocolate bars, chewing gum, short bus journeys, that sort of thing. But I’ve not yet faced a major challenge – you know, forgetting about it and buying a £150 guitar or something.

I’ve been accused of telling people what to do. I hope that doesn’t seem how I sound on here. I’m simply experimenting with a lifestyle that I think will benefit the majority rather than the minority. And inviting anyone else who wants to, to take part.

One thing I was thinking about today was shrapnel. Coppers. Spare change. I reckon I used to accumulate about 5p of the stuff in a week. I’m trying to pay more in cash now than by card – partly to help me realise the value of money. One of the side effects is that I accumulate a good 20-30p in a week, and I don’t really have a use for it.

It reminds me of the Jewish law that says you should leave the edges of your fields for the poor to harvest. I kinda like that. So the whole using cash thing might be a bit inconvenient… having to withdraw money and  then lug around coins in my pocket. But at least then it is there, and reminding me to pass it on to someone with greater need.

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