Debt Ceiling

All this debt ceiling talk is driving me crazy. Here we are, in a world where people are suffering because of a lack of water and America needs to borrow more money to provide for its needs. Sorry, what?

America. The world’s biggest country. The worlds biggest superpower. The world’s empire, the world’s new Rome. Needs to borrow money. To survive.

How upside-down-crazy is that? Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for the government supporting those in need the most with medical provision. I love the NHS in this country and I am all for Obama’s reforms. But the fact that they have to borrow trillions upon trillions of dollars just to pay their debts shows just how materialistic we have become. So materialistic that the world’s ruling empire can’t sustain itself without someone else helping out.

When you compare that to countries where there is no welfare, where running water is a welcome surprise not an expectation, where sanitation barely exists, where politics is beyond corrupt (oh, wait…), where the few prosper and the many suffer in conditions that even those in relative poverty in the west would never dream of having to endure – well, there is no comparison really, is there?

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