Challenge #1: The Sandwich

Most days at work, I could take in sandwiches, some fruit, some crisps and have a drink of tap water. But I’m lazy. I want that extra 20 minutes in bed, so I almost invariably give making lunch (and eating breakfast!) a miss.

I live with other people – and we share food, and the costs of food. It’s ridiculous to think that given I am even paying for it, I don’t use this for my lunch! Instead I spend anywhere between £3 and £5 a day on lunch.

It’s true that we always end up living at our means, isn’t it? It’s all well and good to suggest that having a higher salary means giving more. It probably does, but we’re always happy to improve the standards of our own lives first.

So starting on Monday (my next day back at work) I will be taking in my own food, and saving £3  a day. If I slip up, I’ve got to give the £3 (or more) to the appeal. If I don’t, I’ll give £5 a week (£1 for each day I’d normally buy lunch) to the crisis appeal.

That means after one month, I will have bought enough Jerry cans to enable one family to transport and store water safely (according to The Red Cross).

Think of how many families we could help out together by all cutting back on buying lunch!

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